BWC grants scholarships to Boynton graduates

BWC welcomes new members

The Boynton Woman’s Club is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and the preservation of our historic building within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1954, and shall otherwise comply with any requirements under such section.

A place where family, friends meet for all occasions.

The 16,000 sq.ft. clubhouse includes three large rooms: a grand ballroom on the second floor, and the "Library" and the dining room on the first floor- suitable for any occasion including the spaghetti supper pictured here.

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We're more than just a pretty building

A memorial to Nathan Boynton

Built as Memorial to Major Nathan Smith Boynton, founder of Boynton Beach. Designed for club by Addison Mizner, famed architect of South Florida. FIRST Boynton edifice on National Register of Historic Places in America, 1979. FIRST Boynton edifice recognized by Colonial Dames of America. FIRST Boynton edifice to receive Florida League of Cities "Great Floridian" plaque for famed artist, Bernard Thomas.

We started the first library in BB

FIRST Public Library site in Boynton. Sixteen thousand square feet Ballroom - Upstairs Salon and Dining Room - Downstairs. Restored under direction of Mizner Foundation of Boynton Beach, Inc. 1987-1989. On-going restoration & renewal requisite to preserving heritage of Boynton Beach. Boynton Woman's Club operates and maintains clubhouse for benefit of community.

Fun as well as charitable

While we devote our time to our charities, we have a lot of fun doing it. Checkout some of our events which though they raise money for charity are also educational and fun, fun, fun

Special programs and events

Special programs and speakers are presented at every luncheon meeting, open to the public, and several additional programs are offered in the evening.
  • Did you know?

    The Boynton Woman's Club
    ◾Created the FIRST Public Library site in Boynton.
    ◾Has a 16,000 Ballroom - Upstairs Salon and Dining Room - Downstairs.
    ◾Was restored under the direction of the Mizner Foundation of Boynton Beach, Inc.1987-1989.
    ◾Has an on-going restoration and renewal requisite to preserving heritage of Boynton Beach.
    ◾That the Boynton Woman's Club operates and maintains clubhouse for benefit of the community.

  • GFWC and more

    Boynton Woman’s Club is a member of: • General Federation of Women’s Clubs GFWC is an international organization of community-based volunteer women’s clubs dedicated to community service since 1890. It’s a rainbow of women’s ideas and interests. There are more than one million members in the United States and in 20 countries. • Gen. Federation of Women’s Clubs Florida The General Federation of Women’s Clubs Florida was founded in Green Cove Springs, Florida in 1895 to bring unity to the women’s clubs of Florida. There are more than 300 clubs throughout the state. Members’ diversity unites them through a dedication to volunteer service. .

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