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History of the present building

       colored sketch The present Boynton Woman’s Club, 1010 South Federal Highway, was designed by famed architect, Addison Mizner, and was built 1925-1926 for $50,000.
        The cornerstone was laid in 1932 and the building and property were dedicated to Major Nathan Smith Boynton, whose heirs contributed $35,000 toward this lasting memorial to him.
         Shortly after the building was completed area residents sought shelter from a hurricane within its walls. Many of the local community organizations and churches held their first meetings in this building.
         During World War II the Red Cross and the USO used the building as a center. It housed the community’s library until 1961, and continues to serve as a social and cultural center. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.
         The Mizner Foundation was instrumental in repairing the building in time for the Diamond Jubilee in 1986. We continue to focus on maintaining this historical and beautiful building through our fundraising efforts within the community.med artist, Bernard Thomas.

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