2013-2014 BWC scholarship recipients

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There were six of them in 2014. Six young men and women were awarded $1,000 scholarships by the Boynton Woman’s Club.

In the past the Boynton Woman’s Club has awarded up to 5 scholarships. Money is raised through raffles, concerts, small individual donations. Occasionally an individual benefactor donates $1,000 to add one more scholarship. That’s what happened this year when David Kropp,  heard about the scholarships and decided to add another

Because of him and the many efforts of all BWC members, Christopher Hart, Imani Campbell, Jovanna Rutherford, Andrea King, Shronda Laster, Cleveland Odom will all have a $1,000 check in their account when they arrive at their respective schools. 

Chris HartFor Christopher Hart, a 3.1 GPA Atlantic High School student, that will be the University of Central Florida. He intends to study hospitality management. He’s a member of the Honor Society, has more than 100 hours of community service under his belt and is in the high school band. Chris was there at the luncheon accompanied by his parents, Karen and Jim and his grandmother, BWC member Marian Ortiz. He thanked his parents for the opportunity to go to college and better himself.

Andrea KingAndrea King, also attends Atlantic High School and maintains a 3.2 GPA. She’s a member of the Atlantic dance and cheerleading team, is an editor of the senior yearbook and is a student aide. She will be attending Palm Beach State College and will major in journalism. “I like to write stories. I have lots of stories to tell about my life,” she told everyone at the luncheon. With her were Brittany Harris, her youth pastor, and Rachael Wood, her youth leader.  

 From Boynton Beach High School were Cleveland Odom and Shronda Laster. Counselor Nedelia Charles accompanied them to the luncheon.

Cleveland Odom

Cleveland Odom, a student aide to his counselor will be going to Palm Beach State College and then to Florida State. He intends to major in psychology and eventually wants to earn a PhD. He loves to read and plans to write well and get on the NY Times Best Seller list. He has donated so much blood – more than 100 pints of blood – that he credits himself with saving three lives. He runs track/field, takes karate, is a member of Delta Sigma and maintains a 3.1 GPA. He has done 97 hours of community service with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department. His mother, Ruby, and sister, Anjelica, were with him at the luncheon.



Shronda Laster with a 3.5 GPA has earned her NCPD in early childhood. She only needed 480 hours to earn the certification but did 600 hours at a daycare center. She is the senior class president, vice president of the student government, a cheerleader, plays volleyball and is a member of the band. She will be attending the Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University. She thanked the BWC “For the opportunity you’re giving me to achieve my goals and dreams.” With her at the luncheon were her sister, Laronda, and her mother, Debora.

Imani Campbell

Lake Worth High School’s Imani Campbell has the distinction of being her class’ salutatorian as she has maintained a 4.0 GPA and is second in a class of 440. She is a member of the National Honor Society and two other honor societies, donates time to Bethesda Hospital in the pediatric ward and is particularly interested in working with Down Syndrome children. In her own words, she has a “passion for kids.” She will be attending University of Florida in Gainesville studying chemistry and other sciences in order to become a pediatric surgeon. She thanked BWC for “helping me reach my goal.” In her spare time she also ran track. With her at the luncheon were her mom Latoy, and her counselor, Carey Geidel.

Jovanna Rutherford

Jovanna Rutherford is in the top 10% of her class at South Tech Academy. She ranks eighth in a class of 233 and maintains a 3.8 GPA. She is a member of the National Honor Society and two other honor clubs, has contributed 250 community hours to various health facilities and tutors other students. She will attend Palm Beach State College to become a nurse anesthetist. Her father, Keviene was able to join her at the luncheon.

The BWC committee this year was chaired once again by Dot Neenan who stepped in at the last minute because the chairman Marcie Pallone became ill. Dot has chaired this committee for 18 years and was joined this year by Janet Hakala, Mary Fallon, JoAnne Kriesant-Weld and Pat Kropp. Each of the 28 applicants was personally interviewed by the committee members and at least one of the committee members will attend the awards ceremony at each high school to present the award.

 Scholarship Application – please read criteria carefully

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